Sinan Mimarlik was founded in 1992 by Nejat Balcı. Our firm is set up of a team which is specialized about design and planning of different scales and types of buildings such as residences, offices, commercial buildings.

Our main target is to design buildings which appreciate human and city by having respect for the nature and environment as well. We aim to design sustainable buildings to minimize loss of energy and consumption of natural resourses, which should be used in economical and rational way. We plan our business with a rational, aesthetic, researching and innovative approach.

We work on different practices such as architectural, urban and construction designs.


2012-Uşak İsmetpaşa Street and Environment-Urban Design Competition-Honorable Mention
2011-Çamlıca TV-Radio Tower  Competition- 2.Honorable Mention
2011-Manisa Municipality Service Building Competition- 5th Award
2003- IX. Uskon Space Truss System Competition- 3rd Award

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NEJAT BALCI, Architect
He was born in Ankara in 1950.He graduated from IDMM Academy of Architecture  in 1976. He started his architecture and construction activities in Sivas by establishing Petek Construction Firm in 1993. He founded Sinan Architects in Balıkesir in 1993.
He still continues his practices in Sinan Architects  as the founder and Construction Manager.

He was born in Sivas in 1980.He started the architectural education in Mimar Sinan Fine Art University of Istanbul. After completing education of architecture, he graduated from master science program of "Acoustics and Noise Control Specialists"   organized by Yıldız Technical University  and Seconda Università di Napoli. He  worked in Has Architecture in 2005, Era Planning Architecture  between 2008-2010. He founded Sinan Architects branch office in Istanbul in 2010. He moved to Balıkesir head office in 2012 and he continues his practices in Balıkesir Sinan Architects since then as the  Partner and Head Designer.

SEVİL BALCI, Architect
She was born in Isparta in 1981. She started architecture education in Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Architecture in 1999. She graduated in 2003 and started to work in Era Planning Architecture between 2004-2012. She joined Sinan Architects team in 2012 and she still continues practices on design and planning.